Every Page
  • Notification of instant messages, greeting, date/time
  • Navigation menu bar (text, image, or combination format)
  • Forum navigation links or text (index/category/board/message... etc.)

    Forum Index
  • Stats including: newest member, total members, total posts, most recent post
  • Graphical alert of new messages in each board
  • Date/member of latest posts in each board
  • Name of board moderators
  • Ability to mark every post in the forum "as read"
  • Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them
  • Flat text or javascript fading news, with UBBC enabled

    Topic Index
  • Graphical alert each new or updated topic
  • Date/member of latest posts in each topic
  • Names of the board moderators
  • 'Jump to' box for instant jump to a different board or category
  • Ability to mark every post in the board "as read"
  • Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them

    Topic Display
  • Number of reply on each post
  • Author information, such as email, # posts, membergroup, IM links and userpic
  • Option to view profile of authors
  • Ability to quote messages or reply
  • Date of each post listed
  • User/Moderator ability to delete or modify posts
  • Option to display a "printer-friendly" copy of the page
  • Option to send a friend the topic

    Post Page
  • Easy to use editor-style interface
  • Option to receive notification of replies
  • Option to disable smileys
  • Full 'editor' bar for inserting smileys and UBBC tags
  • Input field autojump javascript
  • Full preview ability
  • Option to receive topic "notification"
  • Option to disable smileys

    Other Pages
  • Recent posts
  • XX number of posts by a certain member
  • Forum post search
  • Full members list

    Other Features
  • Full administration and moderating options
  • Ability to change settings and template on the fly
  • Full UBBC code in posts, with error-checking galore
  • Integrated instant messaging system for member to member communication
  • Ability to customize the layout colors and CSS via one template
  • Private Boards in which only certain membergroups can access
  • Login length options
  • Delete registered members
  • Full profile options, including signature, settings, and personal information
  • Email all registered users
  • 'Maintenance Mode' for major board administration
  • Online help for users and admins
  • Moderator/Administrator ability to move topics
  • Simple registration form and option to generate random password
  • Post icons to designate the message type

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